Pembuatan Arang Aktif Dari Arang Sisa Pembuatan Asap Cair

Padil , Sunarno , Khairat


In the process of making liquid smoke, stage pyrolysis produces a residue of charcoal. When the charcoal can be further processed into activated charcoal. The availability of charcoal along with the rapid development of the industry increasingly abundant liquid smoke. For that effort to take advantage of the manufacture of charcoal remaining liquid smoke is making process it into charcoal. In this study, charcoal-making method is chosen method of physics. The aim of research to determine optimum operating conditions and comparing results with activated charcoal activated charcoal on the market based on activated charcoal absorption of iodine. Variables used are variations of the activation temperature 700, 750, 800, 850 and 900°C and activation time 30, 60 and 90 minutes. From the research results obtained under the optimum operation of activated charcoal-making process that is at the activation temperature of 800°C with an activation time of 60 minutes. In this condition, water content of 3.17%, 4.99% ash content and absorption of iodine solution 982.44 mg/g. Exceeds the value on the characteristics of ISO standards. Result analysis of iodine number of activated charcoal on the optimum conditions far exceed the iodine number of charcoal (164.69 mg/g) and activated charcoal technical (140.28 mg/g).
Key words: arang, aktifasi fisika, arang aktif, bilangan iodium


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