Analisa Kebutuhan Fasilitas Ruang Parkir Studi Kasus Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Riau

Horas S.M.M


Make-Up of the amount of student influence level movement of vechile and people that cause make-up of request the facility of space the parking at University Riau. The parking characteristic is volume of the parking, accumulation of the parking, duration of the parking, turnover of the parking, index of the parking and set of space the parking (SRP). Method Maximum Accumulation can show a picture of aktifitas population at FEKON UNRI. Requirement facility of the parking at FEKON-UNRI is for the motorbike of equal to 105 SRP and car of equal to 30 SRP. Index of the parking minimum for the motorbike of equal to 119.048% and car of equal to 136.667%. Turnover of the parking minimum to both types of vechiles is equal to 4.
Keywords : The facility of space the parking, The parking characteristic, Method Maximum Accumulation.


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